Workshoptag mit Jordy Sparidaens


März 2018 JordyWeb 


Für TanzHaus-Mitglieder  
1 Kurs (90 min) nur 20,00 € ermäßigt 17,00 €    
jede weitere Klasse nur 17,00 € ermäßigt 14,00 €    
Nicht-Mitglieder je + 5,00 €      
Hospitation 15,00 € je Kurs      




UhrzeitSaal 1
13:00-14:30 Commercial Dance (beginner/ medium)


14:50-16:20 Heels Class (medium)


16:40-18:10 Commercial Dance (medium/ advanced)


Legende: beginner = Anfänger mit Grundkenntnissen |  medium = Mittelstufe | advanced = Fortgeschrittene


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I am Jordy Sparidaens, 23 years old from the Netherlands. The style and class I teach is commercial/feminine. The most important thing in my class is to perform and live your life. During my class I focus on how you should execute a choreo in the commercial scene, so I will help you in the way you can perform things, use of dynamics and expression. I am teaching for 2 years now and lately I am traveling all around Europe to teach classes and workshops. I am also currently dancing in a crew called the CDK who also won World Of Dance in the Netherlands.